Awakening the Trinity Re-released


On March 3rd, 2019, exactly one year to the day since the release of Awakening the Trinity, Brown decided to re-release this amazing collection. The cover now features a beautiful art work, the only one of it’s kind, painted exclusively for Awakening the Trinity. The design is the work on an amazing Kenyan artist by the name of Flauspi Art. We encourage you to follow Fiona’s work on Instagram at @Flauspi_art.


We think you will agree that this new cover design is absolutely gorgeous, and not only that, but it summarizes, impeccably, the narrative told within the pages of this book. In the words of Brown, “I am so very pleased with this cover design. I knew in my mind, in my soul, what I wanted this cover to look like, and feel like, but I wasn’t able to clearly convey that to Fiona. I gave her a really high-level description, somewhat vague, and she totally channeled exactly what I was feeling in my heart and seeing in my mind. Simply incredible.”

Awakening the Trinity, with the new cover design, is now available for purchase, world-wide, and can be found on websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books & Books, and many many more. For signed copies, please visit our Shop, and add one to your shopping cart today. Visit the Awakening the Trinity page for purchase options and further details.

C.L. BrownComment